pomegranate season remix

Sandboy Wanderlust Remix EP Vol.2

Hinterland Records
12" Vinyl / Download


Es bahnt sich bereits ein zweites Album aus dem bayrischen Hinterland an, doch Mastermind Tobias Meggle lies simultan weitere Seelenverwandte an seinem Erstling schrauben. Smiles Ahead schaffen auf Anhieb den Spagat zwischen den eigenen Wurzeln, der verträumten Tiefe des Originals und dem Gesang von Nice Ferreira. Erstaunlich, wie die Funkdrums zu den Latin-Vibes passen. Season trifft auf die Stimme von Break Reforms Nanar und tauchen sie in glasklare dubbige Soundkollagen und Claps aus dem Off. Obendrein kommt Leroy Schlimm mit gleich zwei Stücken - erst folky dann bossalastig - zum ersten Release und unterstreicht den Mut Meggles, auf große Namen und Clubgebolze zu verzichten - der Qualität zuliebe. 1A-Homelistening.


Steadfast and solid, another utterly dependable selection of mixes from one of the true underground sonic identifications that is Hinterland records. All mixes fit like a Recaro ergonomic bucketseat in a F14 Tomcat. Electronic organic, organic electronic, its all the same, its all music, and it's all good. Nice to see the up and coming production crews paying respect to the original compositions and songs. Nothing worse then nucrews adding twenty tablespoons of sugar to a single cup of your favourite musical beverage. Yeap, remixed with love and a loyality to the sound of Sandboy and Hinterland records and totally without taking the glory themselves. Remember guys ‘you are only the remixer’ ;) Respect to Season, Smiles Ahead and Leroy Schlimm for remembering this and paying homage and respectful deference to the art of remixing. A great all round selection of mixes for some great all round songs, excellent 12".

Alan Brown

Perhaps one of the most crisp production sets I’ve ever heard, these remixes are so clean that it’s amazing they retain the soul of the originals. I’d say the thing that separates these remixes from the various remix EPs out there is the sheer fact that every track sounds as if it was / could be played by a live band. A very rare trait in a lot of so-called ‘nu-jazz’ these days.

Adam Kurzawa, Giant Step

Great remixes of all 3 tracks. The Meggle camp excells once again… As normal.

Gary Johnson

Excellent set of remixes, keep the music coming

Simon Harrison